Winter was in the planning. The Spanakopiti had contracted with the DrizzleMasters and the Venturi to generate eight million kilowatts of power, to be delivered all in one jolt to jumpstart winter. But to do this they needed a capacitor. With the right capacitor they could just push one button and BANG!~~winter would be up and running.

After a considerable search, the Spanakopiti found a suitable capacitor in Mexico. So the Venturi delegated Spanakopitus himself to go and secure the capacitor, and they asked Bang!opolis to go with him.

Now, Spanakopitus was not pleased about this. Remember, he didn't like Bang!opolis. Immediately they were arguing about how to travel to Mexico. Bang!opolis wanted to ride a lightning bolt. Spanakopitus said that was ridiculous, more conventional transportation was called for. He suggested they go in his Mercedes.

But the issue was resolved, for a rainbow appeared, a most beautiful rainbow. And Spanakopitus and Bang!opois both said, "There. We will ride the Rainbow Express." And so they did. Spanakopitus and Bang!opolis rode the Rainbow Express to Mexico to find the capacitor.

The Rainbow Express

If it was any good, the capacitor could go back by truck~~~a big truck, for it was a big capacitor for a VERY BIG ENGINE. But how were Spanakopitus and Bang!opolis to return? They had left Spanakopitus' Mercedes at home, after all, and Spanakopitus wouldn't ride a lightning bolt.

And there were other concerns. Spanakopitus was afraid of getting stuck in Mexico with Bang!opolis. Spanakopitus is a very important man, you see. He said, "I have better things to do than hang around in Mexico with some half-crazed lightning bug. Harumph!"

Once more the DrizzleMasters came to the rescue. They went to Mexico and generated another rainbow. Teller worried that maybe Mexico would be too dry for the DrizzleMasters, but DreamCatcher told him no, there are rain forests in Mexico, too. The redwoods are not alone--remember the Yucatan, which is mostly deep tangly jungle.

So the DrizzleMasters made their way to Mexico. Spanakopitus hoped they would hurry. He was not enjoying himself.

You see, Spanakopitus and Bang!opolis went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Bang!opolis drank too much and became obstreperous. He was drinking shooters of tequila that he lit on fire first. Then he began throwing thunderbolts around the room, much to the consternation and alarm of the other patrons. (They were small thunderbolts, but thunderbolts nonetheless.) The authorities threatened to put him in jail and only relented on the condition that Spanakopitus stand bond for him.

Spanakopitus was amazed and dismayed. For him, the DrizzleMasters couldn't arrive soon enough. And that's what happens when you go on a business trip with someone who's not of your own disposition.

3. Accommodations