Spanakopitus and Bang!opolis returned from Mexico, where they had gone to get the capacitor for the Big Engine in order to jumpstart winter for the DrizzleMasters and the Venturi. But Spanakopitus was not at all happy. Bang!opolis' behavior did not improve a bit, and then there was the incident of the Rainbow Express breaking down on their return trip.

The Chief DrizzleMaster said to Spanakopitus, "We'd like to make it up to you. You need some time to rest and recuperate. Please use my vacation place in the Aurora Borealis for a while."

And Spanakopitus accepted, but he said to the DrizzleMaster, "You really need to do something about that awful Bang!opolis. He is more than a little crazy, you know. In fact, he is completely ionized."

"Yes, we know," said the DrizzleMaster, "but he is also very talented, and we need his services to put on a suitable winter, what with the thunder and all. We can't afford to offend him, crazy or not. This is a delicate situation and must be handled carefully. We need you and we need Bang!opolis. Go take a vacation for a while."

So Spanakopitus did, and for an acceptable time he and Spanakopitae rested and recreated up there in the Auroro Borealis. And for a time everything went smoothly. The DrizzleMasters drizzled along, and the Venturi huffed and puffed a little, and the Spanakopiti laid by their stores for winter, and the Zom set about making a great deal of beer, although they had not put in very much wood.

4: The Winter Council